Who we are

Ektos Financial is more than just an Investment Managing Company, we combine decades of investment practice, research, teaching and mastering the analytical approach with a specialty on extracting maximum growth from investments through understanding the link between performance and investor's behaviour.

The word “Ektos” comes from the Greek. It means “to go beyond”, reach new objectives, desire to be ahead, hence our tagline is Think Beyond®.

Our main focus is to help you understand the possible outcomes of different options available to you, inspiring you to think beyond where you are now. We'll be there to encourage and move you into action, also offering all the support needed along the way.

Special thanks to:

• PortoDG - where our current brand was developed. They were the ones who had the ability to translate dreams and ideas into words and design;

• Customplan Financial and its team - where all Insurance business is placed. They also offer valuable business support with insurance contracts, networking and much more;

• Investia Financial Services - where all Mutual Funds business is placed. They are constantly helping us move forward on advancing our practice.

Who we are