What is a Segregated Fund or Seg Fund?

Segregated Funds or Seg Funds are life insurance products.  A segregated fund is similar to a mutual fund but has unique feature, such as the guarantee of all or part of the principal. If the fund loses value because of poor market performance, you get part or all of your original capital back but only if you keep the fund for a specific period of time, typically ten years. Segregat [...]

What is an Annuity?

Annuities are insurance contracts. It is financial product, typically offered by a financial institution that may accumulate value and take a current value and pay it out over a period of years.Their main use is to generate a known level of income. There are several strategies that take advantage of Annuities.This information is generic and does not constitute financial advice. You should con [...]

What is Life Insurance?

The most important use of life insurance has been to ensure sufficient capital in the estate to allow the deceased's dependents to maintain the standard of living they enjoyed while the deceased was alive. Other uses of Life Insurance are to provide capital for both Personal needs as in mortgage (*see mortgage insurance) and/or corporate needs (*retirement compensation, Buy/Sell, Key Person Covera [...]

What is Individual Health and Dental Insurance?

We all deserve peace of mind when it comes to our health. But for those of us who don’t receive group health benefits through work, the out-of-pocket expenses that result from a lack of supplemental coverage can be a serious and ongoing concern.Day-to-day expenses such as dental cleanings, filings, prescription eyewear and travel protaction are just a few examples of health expenses not fully co [...]

What is Mortgage Insurance?

Most people put a lot of effort into finding the right home, the right financing and the right home insurance, but spend almost no time thinking about how to protect this important asset in the event of an unexpected death or serious illness in the family. For some, it’s just easier to take the creditor insurance offered by their mortgage lender. For others, they may simply d [...]

What is Visitors to Canada Insurance?

This insurance plan provides medical coverage and protection for travelers coming to Canada who do not have coverage while travelling outside of their home country or who want extra coverage over their existing plan. In many instances, people travelling to Canada are not adequately protected for medical emergencies.This plan can provide protection for medical emergencies, illnesses, accidents [...]

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Everyone knows someone affected with a critical illness. You probably know colleagues, relatives, or friends you went to school with who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer, or who have had heart surgery. They have survived the critical illness and may be working, traveling and enjoying life again. But their live [...]

What is Disability Insurance?

Should an illness or injury prevent you from working for an extended time, loss of income directly affects your lifestyle and ability to provide for yourself or loved ones. Concurrently living expenses continue and are likely to increase as assistance may be needed at home or higher medical expenses incurred. Disability or income replacement insurance makes [...]

What is Long Term Care Insurance?

It is still believed that government plans will assist with the financial burden of long term care should the need arise. Canadians are living longer than ever before and advances in medicine mean that people are surviving illnesses that were previously life threatening. Often this results in a disabling condition requiring personalized medical care. The ove [...]