Starting Out

The fact is: Young adults just starting out in life may have limited incomes, but with good planning, acquiring financial literacy and discipline they can afford to save for a house, retirement or vacations. They also need protection — most often for debt [...]

Newlyweds and Couples

The fact is: Love is in the air! You recently committed to your partner. Now it is time to consider the impact on your financial future. Statistics show that finance and communication are the two biggest reasons for conflict when living together. Understanding how to properly manage both of these important el [...]

Buying a Home

The fact is: Buying a home is probably the largest investment most people make in their lifetimes. It is a significant addition to long term debt and there are many traps that can leave you or your loved ones out in the rain (literally).Mortgage insurance is a requirement to ensure peace of mind. However, there are s [...]

Having Children

The fact is:Ah, children! They bring light to a couple's life...  Raising a family means taking on a lot of responsibility. You  are committed to give love. You dream a joyful future for them. However, you need to think about protecting their financial futures as well. The decisions made today will have a huge impact in their future. That means more than ever, that clear communicati [...]

Being Single Again...

The fact is:Well, it did not work. It is hard, but it happens. When your life change as a result of separation, divorce or the loss of a spouse, there is a lot to re-evaluate. This is also the time to seek for assistance in planning the next stage of your financial futures. You can start by assessing your current financial situation to determine whether any adjustments need to be made to your [...]

Owning a Business

The fact is:While most business owners realize the benefits a well structured business, with proper planning and corporate-owned insurance, many do not realize that there are many strategies that only an experienced adviser can help you develop and implement. The correct strategy can provide you and the other partners or shareholders with the protection they need as well as a source of c [...]

Business Succession

The fact is:Business owners are busy with the day-to-day operation of their company. This is the main reason thinking about succession gets neglected until it becomes urgent. To make things more difficult, not only do you need solid legal and tax structures in place but business owners need to train up the next generation of human and intellectual capital - and this demands good planning and plent [...]

Estate Transfer

The fact is:We do it for love, not for money. It is not a matter of transferring monetary wealth. It has a deeper meaning. You completed the asset accumulation phase of your life and are now looking for ways to protect and transfer your estate. There are many solutions to help maximize the values of the assets that pass on to your loved ones. We help you plan and find [...]


The fact is:It is finally approaching! Finally you will relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard-working life. Or, you may finally be able to dedicate your time to make a dream a reality. However, keep in mind retirement is not like flicking a switch. Planning is the key step to secure your financial future. We can help you craft a plan that complement your nest eggs with a source of [...]

Cash Flow, Budgeting and Debt

The fact is:Money is never enough, right? Well, not exactly. Everyone wants to become a millionaire, but only the ones that plan and follow the plan get there. But, according to Statistics Canada, Canadian debt is at all time high. This is hurting Canadian's capability to live without worry...We can help you build a budget and debt elimination plan. We go beyond the bread and butter and help you w [...]